Loan online up to CZK 80,000 at any time available

Loan online – right on your account, even at the weekend

Loan online - right on your account, even at the weekend

Loan online from Bankate Bank: with non-bank loan benefits

Bankate Bank’s online loan is a clever solution to short-term financial shortages. It will help anyone who suddenly has no income or has unexpected expenses just before payday.

The Bankate loan is just like a non-bank loan quick and easy to handle. You don’t have to go anywhere or send a lot of documents. You do not pay any fees in advance, the money is on your account immediately and most importantly – you are always in the hands of a reputable banking institution.

Fast online loan – available immediately, even at weekends

Fast online loan - available immediately, even at weekends

Bankate Bank’s online loans (previously Bankate Czech’s non-bank loans) have been operating since 2005 and have helped more than 2 million clients in more than 20 countries. You will apply online for a loan – in non-stop mode, even during the weekend – and we will send you money immediately.
The Bankate Bank fast loan will bring you from CZK 500 up to CZK 20,000 per account, with a free loan of up to CZK 9,000 for free. Get it online now!

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Bankate previously offered mainly non-bank loans. It is now a bank offering fast online loans and news – the flexible Bankate Credit loan and the higher PlusLoan loan. It has a vision to become an online mobile bank providing its clients with increasingly comfortable banking services – an online loan will be just one of them.

The online Bankate loan also helped Mr. Ivan, who said: “I needed 2000 CZK to pay for electricity and Bankate lent me free. Within 15 days after my paycheck, I returned two thousand. Everything went quickly and without submitting any papers. “

“I am surprised by the speed and helpfulness. I highly recommend Bankate Bank, ” Mr. René added his online review to

Modern loan online: overdraft Bankate Credit

Modern loan online: overdraft Bankate Credit

Another option is a new online overdraft facility, Bankate Credit, up to CZK 80,000, which is cheaper than regular fast loans. Clients take it repeatedly and repay it once or in agreed monthly installments. And they use the holiday payment twice a year.

Specifically, you set the Bankate Credit loan installments on your own, but at least a minimum of 12.5% ​​of the amount currently due must be paid each month. For a loan up to CZK 6000, it is sufficient to repay only CZK 1,000 per month. You can also repay the entire loan at any time or send a higher installment (without additional charges) to increase the amount available for re-use and reduce the total amount due.

Experience of Czech clients with Bankate Credit loan online

Experience of Czech clients with Bankate Credit loan online

Bankate Credit is an easy way to make money available when needed. It is ideal for repetitive online loans without administrative delays, registry and revenue verification.

Mr. Oldřich said: “Bankate Credit has literally ripped my thorn several times when I had to pay some payments in a flash. I have also recommended it to a few friends, and so far everyone has been as satisfied as I am. ” Mrs. Jana is also a user of Bankate Credit. He recommends it to all who want to have a financial reserve and cannot have a classic bank overdraft.

Ms. Iveta said: “Last time we borrowed 8000 CZK for a new TV from our Bankate Credit account at home and paid it in several installments with a reasonable increase. Bankate Credit’s discreet online loan is better for us than earlier family and friend cash loans. We don’t want them to keep us in debt. ”

Mr. Daniel has also taken advantage of the online installment loan, especially when buying a used business car. He described: “Bankate lent me quickly. I take advantage of the minimum monthly installments and, if I earn more, settle the loan with an extra payment that is free of additional charges. ” He also appreciated that Bankate Credit’s loan was not bound by the creation of a current account with Bankate Bank, while making the provision of the car rental conditional.

Bankate Credit also helps the self-employed to start a business. Like Mrs. Hedvice, an independent tailor, who said: “I collected orders for sewing clothes, but I was missing CZK 30,000 to buy foreign fabrics. The non-bank loan for entrepreneurs seemed risky to me because of high interest and pledge. I used the Bankate Credit installment loan and repaid everything within three months. “

“ At the weekend, we thought that an online loan would be right for us. In Lidl, the superb garden equipment event ended, ” Mrs. Adéla said. “Bankate Bank was interesting on the Internet and we got Bankate Credit right now. Even if we did not return the first free loan within 30 days, daily interest is acceptable. We were pleased with the speed of the settlement, we just copied the ID card and completed a brief online application. Everything went well. ”

“The friendliness, willingness and respectfulness I have not experienced with any company yet,” Mrs. Eliška evaluated the services of Bankate Bank when negotiating its online loan.

Czechs also want to borrow in 2019 – thanks to the very low unemployment and the economy that is doing well. As usual, the largest lending boom is expected in the last quarter of the year, when Christmas gifts, seasonal sporting goods, or first-minute holiday advances need to be purchased.

Bankate, a dedicated bank loan online sent immediately to your account, is waiting for you, nonstop all year round. Feel free, for the first time without interest and fees!

Now action: online loan up to 80,000 for free for the first time

Now action: online loan up to 80,000 for free for the first time

If you have not yet taken advantage of an Bankate Credit online loan, you can borrow up to CZK 80,000 for the first time without a drawdown fee and zero interest for up to 30 days. This means that how much money you run out will return so much to the agreed deadline. For example, in a loan of CZK 16,000 you will return to Bankate for CZK 16,000 in 30 days. As of day 31, a daily interest rate of 0.2833% is calculated (for a given loan it is CZK 45.33).

Are you interested in modern Bankate online loan first free of charge ? Make it easy: click a little higher on the left to draw the Bankate Credit orange button, and follow the client center instructions.